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Holistic Approach to
Living Life

Life comes in seasons. And life changes. Everyone goes through transitions. 
Sometimes we need to look at our life at a different angle, find new perspectives of development, look at our life situations critically to truly change the path we are going through.

I am a LIFE COACH and I help people change their life permanently. I study the laws of the Universe,  and the ways any person can apply these laws to  reach unknown heights in life.

Find your true love, change patterns of earning money, make your life a happy place.

I work in 2 directions - I feed both your Mind with deeper knowledge, and your Soul - meditation and body awareness practices. This is a unique way to get rid of Old  patterns of behavior, ancestral  programs change, formation of steady habits of a person you want to become. 

I believe that everyone can create their dream life. The main ingredient to this is to learn the rules by which one needs to play and to manipulate with the knowledge for a change in all spheres of life

What I Specialize In

Personalized Program 

Healthy Nutrition,  Habits

Personal Growth 

and Reduction of  Stress  in Your Life

Help with love relationships building

Mind Work

" We only had a few sessions  but I already see the results. I now know how to communicate with confidence. I am working on finding my place in this world. The meditative practices have some magical impact and I feel the shift of worldview already. Thank you, Nataly"

- Jessalyn Tyler

“Nataly, your  program has changed my life! My life is more vibrant than before. This Unique approach brings real results!
I have now understood how much strength and power I have within, how to increase my energy levels and what to do to succeed in my life"

- Gven Ellis

“I want to Thank you, Nataly, for bringing real changes to the way I experience my life. Your approach is absolutely brilliant. I will never give up utilizing the knowledge I received  as I see the real difference with what I do.  ”

- Chloe Shmidt

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